Services We Offer

We got you covered with payment solutions for every industry

Dual Pricing

Unlock a revolutionary approach to managing finances with our Dual Pricing Program. It works by clearly displaying two separate prices - the standard price for credit/debit payments, and a discounted cash price that eliminates processing fees. This allows merchants to pass those savings to cash-paying customers while boosting profits, creating an innovative win-win approach that enhances the bottom line without raising sticker prices.

Point of Sale

Harness the convergence of technology and intuitive customer experience. With BoxFi by your side, navigate to the ideal POS system tailored to your needs. It's not merely about managing transactions, but elevating every facet of your customer interactions.


Elevate your digital footprint in the bustling world of online commerce. Let BoxFi guide you to the most robust and secure ecommerce solutions, ensuring your online storefront not only stands out but thrives amidst competition.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Forge deeper connections and foster unwavering loyalty. BoxFi's Gift and Loyalty Programs are designed to not just retain customers but to turn them into brand ambassadors. Drive repeat business, incentivize actions, and build a community around your brand.

Mobile Payment Processing

Tap into the pulse of the modern, on-the-move market. BoxFi's expertise ensures you're equipped with the finest mobile payment solutions, allowing you to cater to dynamic consumer demands and expand your reach beyond boundaries.

PCI Compliance

Rest easy knowing your business's and customers' sensitive data is safeguarded. BoxFi prioritizes PCI Compliance, ensuring every transaction is held to the highest security standards. Beyond just a compliance checklist, it's our commitment to trust and integrity.

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing

Delve deeper into the world of optimized payment processing. BoxFi’s Level 2 and Level 3 Processing services cater specifically to B2B and B2G transactions, unlocking lower processing fees and providing richer data. Elevate efficiency and save significantly with every transaction.